Port Opera Film Fest 2013

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We're very excited to report that, in its fledgling year, the PORTopera FILMfest succeeded in attracting a number of talented filmmakers who, together with writers, musicians, and vocalists, created new works of art inspired by the beautiful arias of Puccini's La Bohème.

That "Bohème Inspiration" was the goal from the beginning. PORTopera established the film festival and competition as a way to connect a new generation of artists with the amazing world of opera - to drive primarily younger people, teens and twenty-somethings, toward and hopefully into the arms of opera.

We asked them to include their own, original renditions of melodic themes from Bohème to ensure that they would experience the music on an intimate level in the process.

Moreover, the modern-day, digital vernacular of video presents the perfect medium for twenty-first century expression. Video cameras, smart phone videos, online videos and lifetimes saturated with television and cinema all have equipped these young, creative minds with an exciting means of expression.

Several of our festival entries were clearly above the rest, others not quite as polished as those submitted by more experienced filmmakers. But each and every entrant poured heart and soul into making art inspired art. And all the work was impressive.

You can see the first, second, and third prize videos at the PORTopera FILMfest Youtube Channel:


Congratulations are due to our three award winners, of course, but all are to be congratulated for venturing into very new waters. We are very proud of them.

With your support and a little luck, next year will see us host the 2nd Annual PORTopera FILMfest/Rigoletto Redux. Please stay tuned for more information as we seek to repeat next year with an earlier start, a broader appeal, and many more entries to enjoy. (Please like us on Facebook at PORTopera FILMfest, too.)

Many thanks.

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